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G3200 Print Heads Totally Dry After Non Use


Due to some personal health reasons, I have not been using my G3200 printer for quite some time (I bought it to print my photography experiments Smiley Happy ). Anyway, due to this non-use, the printer heads appear to be totally dry. NOTHING prints, although the printer goes through the motions. 


I've done the "normal" print head cleaning five or six times, and have performed the "deep" cleaning three times. Still, nothing comes out on the paper. 


I need suggestions for next steps. It's so far out of warranty, I'm not opposed to breaking in to parts of the printer to use alcohol and Q-tips if necessary, I would need some guidance there if it's out there, such as manuals, YouTube videos, etc.


Any help would be apprectiated. 

Oh, I know this will be the first question...all ink tanks are completely full. I filled  them shortly before I stopped using it for this extended period. I can see the full tanks through the windows in the front of the printer. 



Yup . . . common problem . . . and I've had to run the deep clean three times before the ink showed up . . . here's some helpful info to keep you going . . . 'cause with all the deep cleaning, you'll eventually get a 5B00 error that will stop you dead in your tracks (printer = brick with flashing lights!) fortunately . . . fixable: 

Canon G series reset page counter for ink absorber full (error 5B00)
Don't pay for a WIC program key.
This is FREE using just the printer's buttons.

Worked on my Canon G3200

(Enter Service Mode)
-- Turn Printer Off
-- Press and HOLD the Stop button (red Triangle - keep holding until release *)
-- Press and HOLD Power button (keep holding until release **)
-*- Release the Stop Button
-- Press the stop button 5 times
-**- Release the Power button

(Waste ink tank reset)
-- While in service mode
-- Press the Stop button 5 times
-- Press the Power Button once
-- -- wait -- for it to reset followed by a single page to run through the printer --
-- Press the Stop button 3 times
-- Press the Power Button once
-- -- wait -- for it to reset followed by a single page to run through the printer --
-- Turn off the printer
-- Turn the printer back on & the 5B00 code should be cleared

(Ink filling)(air bubbles in pipes)
-- Turn on the printer (normal startup)
-- Press and hold the stop button for about 5 seconds: watch for 5 flashes and then release
-- -- the printer will run through an extended cycle, use a lot of ink & dump a lot into the waste ink tank


Credit where credit is due to Reddit user Deadtobealive: [Link Removed]