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Error message on Canon Pixma MX922


I've upgraded my Mac to High Sierra.  I have installed updated fireware for my canon pixma mx922.  I open the scanner and I get the message that shows up in the screen shot.  I check the status as it says and it says its outta ink...Can I not scan if the printer is out of ink?Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.28.19 PM.png



Hi cameraman,


If the printer is experiencing an error condition, such as being out of ink, that issue will need to be addressed prior to being able to scan or use the other functions of the printer.  


You can disable the ink level detection function of the printer so that you can continue using the functions of the printer until you are able to replace the ink tank that is out of ink.  To do this, please press and hold down the STOP button on the printer for at least 5 seconds, then release it.  Please note, if more than one ink tank is out of ink, you will need to do this procedure for each ink tank.  Once the ink tanks that are out of ink are replaced with Canon genuine ink tanks, the ink level detection funtion of the printer will be re-enabled.  More information regarding disabling the ink level detection function can be viewed here.


If you are still unable to scan after following the above procedure, we ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative here for further assistance. A representative will be happy to assist you free of charge.

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Further investigation reveals Canon may NOT be updating this software????   Now what???  I have a freezer full of B&W film that I planned on shooting and scanning the negatives...


OK...anyone recommend a decent flatbed scanner that won't cost me a fortune (I am a disabled Vet) that will enable me to scan film negatives?  Price range under $400 if possible, multifunction printer considered, HP definite possibility. I am really tired of getting nickel and dimed to death by Canon when buying ink...Obviously, if multifunction printer is suggested, price may be higher.


Please help!!!


Thanks for being active in the community!

We are happy to share that it's possible to scan with an empty tank or cartridge.

To start scanning, follow the instruction in this link:

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