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Error B200 canon mx850




I'm getting this error message a few seconds after turning on the printer.


I have tried the following method:

1.  Open the cover of the printer.

2.  Remove all ink tanks from the printer.

3.  Lift up the gray locking lever on the side of the ink tank holder.

4.  Gently remove the print head from the carriage unit.

5.  Place the print head back in and lock the lever down.

6.  Place all of the ink tanks back in the printer.

7.  Close the cover and turn the printer off.

8.  Unplug the power from the printer.  Leave the power unplugged for about 5-10 minutes.


The above did not work for me. I even left the power cord unplugged overnight and it still threw out the same error.


The problem I have is that the print carriage isn't moving at all to the left or right after turning on the printer. I can move the carriage manually by hand. Is this fixable? I only use this printer for almost 3 years.


Thank you