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Comparable Replacement for PIXMA MP600


After 16 years of excellent useful life, my print quality has finally reached the point where I must replace my equipment. I am open to suggestions for a replacement that has ADF, offers duplex printing, can still use the same cartridges as this model since I have a lot of them available and can be wired to my computer. I am not a fan of wireless, but as I mentioned I am open to suggestions. My use for this equipment is mostly sporadic printing both in black & white and in color. Some scanning. No real need for faxes or printing from cell phones/apps is not necessary for my needs. I would love it if the replacement were about the same size as this model, but at this point beggars cannot be choosers. I have Windows 10. Thank you. 



Thanks for joining the conversation, BVThompsShore23!  It sounds like you got your money's worth and then some from your PIXMA MP600.  We recommend talking to our sales team so that they can match you up with a modern replacement.  You can call them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-800-385-2155 or you can chat with them here.

Hope to talk to you soon!