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I cannot register my new Pixma iP8720 Printer


I just received my online order of a new Pixma 8720 printer from Best Buy. I cannot register the product as the site does not recognize the serial number. Mine starts with AGUT. Is there a reason as to why this is happening. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks.



Thanks for joining the conversation, Mickcel!

We checked our serial number directory and didn't find any versions of the PIXMA iP8720 to start with that letter combination.  In fact, we didn't find any Canon model that used that letter combination.  Could you please double-check your model number and serial number?  Please make sure not to post the numerical portion of the SN here to protect your privacy.

We look forward to your reply!

Hello Denny. I double checked the model number and serial number. The item is a Pixma iP8720 US, the item number is 8746B002(AA) and the serial number does start with AGUT as stated on both the box and on the back of the printer. I also reattempted to register the product on the Canon website and this time, it accepted it. I am totally confused. Do I need to return to Best Buy? Thanks for your assistance.

We're not entirely sure what might have prevented you from registering earlier, but if our site now accepts your registration, you should be just fine!

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