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Chromebook support

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I have an MX920 which no longer works with Chromebooks because of Google's end of support for Cloud Print.


I'm looking for advice, perhaps on a new printer.


I'm a home user, so "printer servers" and "G Suite admin" options are a no-go. I just want to install a new printer and be setup. The list of available Chrome OS printers doesn't match the list available in the Chrome OS dropdown, and even so, trying to find printers for purchase in the UK based on those lists seems impossible. 


Has anyone got any no-nonsense practical ideas? I'm tearing my hair out! Man Sad




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I'm still using my previous (wired and wireless) "Cloud Print' capable printers connected to my network with my Android based mobile device. This previously used cloud print until the end of last year.


You should be able to use the following instructions here:


Set up your printer - Chromebook Help (


Short tutorial also here:


Chromebook Simulator - Print a page (


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These tutorials did not work for me.


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I have a friend who is also having this problem.  When Google Cloud Print went away, so did printing.


The Chromebook is able to see the printer either via WIFI or USB, but it cannot automatically set it up. I also tried setting it up as a generic postscript printer, and on the Chromebook this appears to work, but the printer never receives the job or prints.


PLEASE CANON - either provide a PPD file that can be used, or add support to ChromeOS.  With the lost of Google Print, the printer is effectively just a copy machine.