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Canon TR4520 - COL 1430 "Install the ink cartridge" Error


20230909_105657.jpg20230909_105732.jpg20230909_105738.jpg20230909_105837.jpgFor the past few weeks I haven been unable to print anything due to the error I am getting on my printer.

I did purchase genuine Canon Cartridges but the problme persists.

I have attached a photo of my printer and the new ink. Any help I can get is much appreciated.




Error 1430 applies to more than one model.  I'd exchange the cartridges with the place of purchase and re-install the replacements.  If this doesn't help, the printer will likely require service or replacement.

Calling Canon might help to, but they will assuredly ask you to try different cartridges as part of the troubleshooting process.  

Canon : Inkjet Manuals : TR4500 series : 1430

Canon Knowledge Base - Support Code 1430 Appears (Ink Cartridge Can't Be Recognized) - TR7020

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I was using a generic cartridge and it was owkring fine. Then I started getting that error. I purchse a Canon original cartridge and I am still having the same error.

Dont believe it is the cartridge. Might be the printer. Never had issues with printers before and I had a good amout throughout the years.

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