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Canon Pixma MX922 Printer printing bold lines every 3 lines



I am working with a client that has Canon Pixma MX922 that is doing something very interesting that just started happening a couple of days ago. When she prints documents, every 3 lines is bold for 3 lines. So for example, if she has a paragraph that is 9 lines long, the first 3 lines are  bold, the next 3 are not, and then next 3 are bold again. The document she is printing is all normal type, not bold type. 

I have done the following troubleshooting but no avial:
1. Removed Print Driver.
2. Reinstalled print driver from Canon website.
3. Cleaned print heads a couple of times.
4. Did the bottom tray alignment as well.
5. Replaced the PGBK cartridge as that was the one that seemed to be the issue. 
6. Did test documents and alignments sheets. 
All of this did not fix the issue and all the test documents that were printed all matched the normal settings for those documents. 

My client is using a Windows 11 computer if that is helpful.
Any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated.