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Canon PIXMA MX922

Occasional Contributor

Printer now prints double images but only in black; color printing is perfect...  I've replaced cartridges, calibrated the heads, manually calibrated the heads and still have the same problem.  Anyone have this issue besides me?


New Contributor
I had the same problem. Apparently printing in color uses different cartride. After many, many trial not working, I finally ordered a new print head from Canon (had tried cheaper version - did not work). It went in slick as glass. I did have to totally uninstall and reinstall the printer, using the newest driver (2016). Works perfectly with beautiful printing. Was it worth almost $100 for the new print head? Yes, because I love the quality of this printer and I do still print directly onto cd/dvd's. Good luck!

Occasional Contributor

Thank you.  I did buy a cheaper new print head but the Canon software doesn't accept imitations....only the real thing I guess.  Thank you for the information; I really appreciate the information and timely response.


Bill G