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Canon MX922 Lower Paper Tray Stuck Unless Full


The lower paper tray on my MX922 gets firmly stuck if it's empty.  I have to wrench it forcefully half a dozen times to get it back out to load more paper.  Of course, the obvious quick fix is to never let it get too low on paper, but I often print on special sizes, usually one piece at a time or it will try to feed multiple pieces at once.  I've cleaned the edges of the paper tray and the places where it slides in.  I've checked that spring thing underneath, no problems.  I've turned the whole printer upsidedown to make sure there wasn't something jamming it up, I've cleaned the rollers, even though that didn't seem like it would make any difference, and it didn't.  I'm at my wits end.  Anybody else have this problem, and did you find a reason or solution?  Thanks very much!



I found that you can release the tray as follows, using a piece of corrugated cardboard about 6 inches wide and long enough to reach to the back of the paper tray.  The long dimension is  parallel to the ribs of the cardboard.  The procedure is as follows:  (1) Remove the top paper tray.  (2) Insert the cardboard into the gap where the top tray had been.  (3) Slide the cardboard back until it pushes up on the rollers that are at the back of the tray:  this pushes the obstruction out of the way of the lower tray.  (4) The tray should now slide out easily.

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I ran into this issue also and it made no sense as it had always opened and closed fine.  I removed the top photo tray. I slid the paper tray in as far as it would go. I could see that a piece was not able to slide into a slot in the way back.  I picked up the printer and found that my cord was under the machine and preventing the tray from sliding into the slot. After moving the cord to behind the printer the issue was solved. Hope this helps you.