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Canon TS9520 Printing Faint Colors


Does anyone have any issues with their Canon TS9520?  I recently purchased one and I find that the colors are very washed out.  I downloaded the drivers, I am using the best quality setting and I tried many different settings but it still doesn't give me good quality prints.  I purchased it because I read that inkjet printers produce better quality prints than laser.  However, if I print this image to my Konica printer, the colors are MUCH more vibrant/richer than the inkject.  Is there something that I may have missed during the setup process?




Start by printing a nozzle check pattern and clean if indicated.


Its also important to use correct paper type and settings for best results.    


If nothing helps, I suggest you contact Canon to report the issue and see if they can help.  



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I tried that also. 


I was able to get it to print the colors that I wanted, but it only works on glossy paper.  I get horrible colors on matte sticker paper and regular copy paper.  It is almost like I am confined to only being able to print on glossy paper.  I selected the correct paper that I am printing to, but the glossy paper prints surpass everything that I print on other mediums.


Same problem here when printing onto plian paper of to primntable DVDs

Do you have the same model?  I have resorted to just printing on glossy paper.  I have not found any matte/plain paper that my printer plays nicely with.