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Canon MX920 Printer not responding


The printer was installed and I printed fine the first day.  A few days later, the printer in not responding.
I tried reinstalling the driver; the printer is connected to my network.  Any support on this would be helpful. 


Hi mynond,


It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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Hi jdrower,


To resolve this issue, it is recommended that your PIXMA MX922 is reinstalled.  In your post, you mention that you have a USB connecting your PIXMA MX922 to your computer and you are also attempting to use your PIXMA MX922 wirelessly.  I will provide the steps for resinstalling your PIXMA MX922 for wireless use with your Windows 10 computer.


Please disconnect the USB cable that is connected from your PIXMA MX922 to your computer.


To reinstall your PIXMA MX922, please follow these steps:


 1.  Right click the Windows Start Menu button in the lower left hand corner and left click Control Panel (or Settings).


 2.  Under Programs, click on Uninstall a Program.


 3.  Click on the Canon MX920 MP Driver and then click Uninstall at the top.


 4.  Follow the prompts to uninstall the driver.


 5.  Click on the Canon IJ Network Tool and the click Uninstall at the top.


 6.  Follow the prompts to uninstall the network tool.


 7.  Click on the Canon IJ Network Scan Utility and then click Uninstall at the top.


 8.  Follow the prompts to uninstall the scan utility.


 9.  Restart the computer once complete.


To reinstall your PIXMA MX922, please follow these steps when the computer restarts:


 1.  Press the <Menu> button on your PIXMA MX922.


 2.  Select Setup and press the <OK> button.


 3.  Select Device settings and press <OK>.


 4.  Select LAN settings and press <OK>.


 5.  Select Wireless LAN setup and press <OK>.


 6.  Select Other setup and press <OK>.


 7.  Select Advanced setup and press <OK>.


 8.  Follow the on screen prompts to complete the setup.


Next, please download the latest driver for your PIXMA MX922:


 1.  Visit Canon's website at:


 2.  Type PIXMA MX922 in the "Enter a Model" box and click GO.


 3.  In the Drivers & Downloads section, under Recommended Downloads, please click the Select button next to the MX920 MP Drivers.


 4.  Click the Download button.


 5.  If a Save dialog box appears, click Save.


 6.  Once the download is complete, open your Downloads folder.


 7.  Double click [mp68-win-mx920-1_01-ea32_2.exe].  Files will extract.


Follow the prompts and the installation will complete.


To view a walk-through of the installation process, please use the following link:

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Thank you for your clear instructions. While I don't have exactly the same printer (MX936) I followed your advice and was gratified with the result. Thanks

Yours was the best instruction that I followed. Because of the Windows 10 update it threw my printer off and and I had tried a couple other suggestions but yours was the most understandable and complete. The automatic updates by Microsoft seem to screw up a lot of devices and applications that are older.


It appears that my printer port on printer or cable are damaged - I was able to connect via LAN with a standard desktop non bluetooth computer!  Thrilled to get the scanner working properly too!  That was the main thing I wanted to be able to access...many thanks!



So my 2nd Win 7 computer has decided it DOES NOT LIKE LAN printing - and freezes the computer.  So I removed the LAN version of the printer.  Cable doesn't seem to want to get printer to sure what to do.  I guess I have a copier now and no longer a printer/scanner?!

Hi spgreenfield,


Troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issues. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance. You will have the option to speak to one of our phone or live chat agents.


Contact Us.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Arthur - 


Many thanks!  I actually DID reach out and was shocked at the great support I got from George!!!  I'm now tackling my second computer and will be reaching out once again as it's not installing for me...again.  So far so good on my first computer though!  It hasn't frozen my computer yet!!!  Turned out it was my anti-virus mostly mucking up the installation!




I was puzzled for weeks. Sometimes the printer did not respond or was very slow to respond. My Wi-Fi router has two channels a 2 and a 5. My computer was working off of 5 and my printer was working off of 2. I finally changed my to work on the same channel (2) and everything worked perfectly. I had been checking drivers, bios and everything else. Sometimes the simple things are just simple.


I've had a MX922 for a couple of years with no issues. But recently have have issues with not printing - printer not responding. I deleted all the printer devices -printer fax scan etc. No Help. reinstalled with new drivers - no help. Reconfigured the printer from the printer panel to the Wi-Fi network. Not better. Tried the swab cleaning the black plastic thing in the ink casing - no help. The scan from the printer panel worked and showed on my pc but did not print. The copy function did work though. 

Turned off the Virus Scanning Firewall  - I use Bitdefender - this was never an issue until a week or so ago. Once I turned it off documents in the queue erroring out started printing. 

In the long run - I'll probably put in an exception for the printer to go through the firewall but for now the firewall is just turned off. And things print easily! Hope this helps you. - Dave


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