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Canon MX410


My Canon MX410 printer is not conneting to my internet, the blue wifi light is not on. I have reset it to factory settings and it still won't connect. My macbook is not finding the printer either. Whern I attempt to connected to connect it through Device settings LAN  settings then LAN settings  WLAN active/inactive then wireless LAN inactive is displaying then wireless LAN setup. When I click on this it say actvate wireless LAN, but nothing happen no blue light nothing.



Will the printer not operate with a new black ink cartridge if the color cartridge is low?  I only to print with the black.  Will I be forced to buy color ink to just use black?  Is there a work-around?

Okay thanks i will try this. My black ink cartridge is showing low.

This did not work it's continue to say the same. It's not giving me an option to put my password in for internet connection.

My post about changing ink cartridges was for my own information and not a reply to the post by childress1, though I wish that I could help.  I'm new to this forum and didn't understand how to introduce a new subject. 


And now here is my problem again:  My black ink ran out.  The printer could not operate with no black ink.  I replaced the black ink cartridge with a newly purchased cartridge, but the printer will not operate and gives me a "color ink low" message.  I ONLY use black ink.  Must I buy a color cartridge in order to run my printer again?  Is there a way around this or does Canon require an owner to buy more cartridges which will not be used?