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Canon MPNavigator EX 5.0 not working - will not open


Hello and thank you in advance


Issue: When clicking on the MPNavigator EX icon (or start menu link or the .exe file directly) the program starts (i.e. I see it running in Task Manager and if i try to uninstall, WIndow's tells I can't b/c it is runnnig) However, nothing opens up or shows on my screen.  

I have searched for hours.and unable to find a solution. I have tried deleting and re installing all drivers and software seveal times. And checked the user permissions for the .exe file.  

Any ideas on how to fix?


Canon MG5320 printer/scanner

OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64  (Home premium) 





Rising Star

Hi pdowning,


I understand MP Navigator is not opening on your computer. To troubleshoot this issue remove all versions of MP Navigator from your computer. You may be required to use Task Manager to stop the program from running in the back ground. Please check the following locations to ensure all versions of the program is deleted:


Desktop Shortcuts

Programs folder

Programs and Features


After confirming the software is completely removed from your computer, restart the computer.


To install the MP Navigator software, please follow the steps below:
1. Make sure the printer is on.
2. Click HERE to go return to the Canon download web site.
3. Below Drivers & Downloads, next to Operating System, you should see that your operating system has been detected.
4. Directly below Operating System, click on the box that says SOFTWARE. It will be tot he right of the red box that states Drivers.
5. A little further down and to the right, click on the SELECT button next to the file titled, “MP Navigator EX Ver.5.02 (Windows)”
6. Click on the red DOWNLOAD button.
7. If you are asked if you want to RUN or SAVE, click on SAVE.
8. After the file has been saved, you will be given the option to OPEN or RUN the file. This time click on RUN.
9. If you are not given the option to RUN the file, go to the Downloads folder and double-click on the file titled, “mpnx_5_0-win-5_02-ea23_2.exe”
10. If you are asked if you would like to allow the setup program to make changes, select YES or OK.
11. When the welcome screen appears, follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your computer.
12. Restart your computer.

Once the computer has finished it's start up. Use the newly installed MP Navigator program to perform your scan functions. Click HERE for additional information on using the MP Navigator program.