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Canon Pixma MG3600 fault?



Ive had the Canon Pixma MG3600 printer for several months now, and I can't get the front door that hides the inks to open so I can change them.

By that I mean the opening once the trays are down to view the ink-jets (sorry not sure of the tchnical word for it)

Any help will be much appreciated

Thank you in anticipation





Rising Star

Hi bobmax,


The small compartment door that covers the ink cartridges automatically opens. When changing the ink cartridges make sure the printer is still on and open the large compartment door. The ink cartridge carrier should move left to right causing the smaller door to fall open. Once the ink cartridges are replaced, close the large compartment door and the smaller one will close automatically.

Thank you for your reply Caemene.
I did actually know how to change the inks.
Perhaps I didn't explain it very clearly Doh!!
The "small door" didn't open at all,.
i got quite flummoxed with it ha ha.
Anyway I looked at it again and hey presto, it now works again.
It's nice to know someone is willing to help. some communities aren't so forthcoming.
Many thaks again

Meant to add to the previouse post....

I didn't do anything (that I know of) to the printer to make it work again.


And is there a way to subscibe to posts please?

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