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Canon MP560 printer is printing nothing but horizontal lines


I've had a Canon MP560 for about three years now and it has been working fine. I've been regularly changing ink and performing the needed maintenance such as head cleaning, etc. For the past year or so, after I would replace the ink, the printer would not print clearly, so I would just do a head cleaning and that would resolve everything. Today, however, after I changed the pigment black and cyan inks, the priter started printing nothing but horizontal lines. I did head cleaning, deep cleaining and whatever else I could find in maintenance and still it's printing nothing but lines. It looks like as if the printer forgot how to print characters and only known how to print lines. Any page that I print looks the same, just a bunch of horizontal lines that are in blue/red/green tones.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



Hi endofspin,


Performing a print head alignment on the printer may resolve the issue you are experiencing.  To do this, please follow the steps located at the link below:


PIXMA MP560 Print Head Alignment


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Hello Ramona! Thank you for the tip. I've already tried head alignment or "Auto head align", as it's called. Whenever the paper is printed for it to be instered into the scaner to do the alignement, nothing but horizontal lines print on the paper, so it's not possible to do the alignment.