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Canon IJ Network Tool ... Problem Solved


I have a MX922 Pixma and really love all the features. But for awhile I was having occasional problems with "printer offline" or "printer in use" or some other message and couldn't print. After researching and reading all the forums and trying all the solutions to no avail, I tried something different and it worked (at least so far).

Using windows 10, I went into control panel   > features and programs > . This is where all of your installed programs are listed and you can uninstall them. There are 4 Canon programs there: 1 is the main Canon mx922 program, 2 are Canon scanning programs and 1 is the IJ Network Tool utility.  I uninstalled the IJ Network Tool utility, restarted my computer and havn't had 1 problem printing since.

If we keep our fingers crossed, maybe Canon will get the bugs out of that program so we can easily use it.

This solution worked for me and of course no guarantees for anyone else. Have a great day.