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Cannon MX890 will not print black

New Contributor


I’m having trouble with my printer printing the color black please help!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Brandonmusko,

If black is not printing, you can try some cleanings and deep cleaning to unclog any of the ink nozzles for the black or you can try replacing the missing black ink.

You can start by printing a nozzle check to see what ink is getting to the paper using the steps in the link provided HERE. The nozzle check will let you know what ink is having a problem. After that, you can try up to 3 cleanings and then 2 deep cleanings to see if the nozzles unclog for the missing colors. You can also try replacing the colors that are missing in the nozzle check to see if the ink tanks are the issue.

If cleaning the nozzles and replacing the tanks did not resolve the issue, it would mean the printer needs service. You can use the link HERE to access your My Canon account to view your available service options.