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Can't install driver for Pixma 3220 printer


I have a new laptop--it is an intel Corei5 acer laptop.  I installed the software for the printer, but needed the driver.   I went to the Canon website and it stated to download the app.  I had not downloaded an app before for Canon, but went ahead and downoloaded that nad then downloaded the driver, but when I try to install it, a window comes up that indicates an admin name and password is required.  The admin name is already listed and I can't change it.  But it doesn't take any of the passwords--not the one for this site, the one for Windows or the one for the wireless.  It also doesn't give a "forgot Password" option.  I just want to be able to print with my printer.  Please help me.




Drivers for your product are available here:

Support | MG Series - Inkjet | PIXMA MG3220 (MG3200 Series) | Canon USA

There are installers available for W11, 10, 8, 7.

The behavior you are describing is a dialog from the Windows Store Application.  You might see this when you try to download an App.  You can usually cancel the dialog and the App will download and install.  If it won't, you will need to log into the PC as the (default) admin user that got created when windows was initially installed.

However, the (actual) driver installer is likely a better option.

I suggest you install the driver for your device, not a windows app.


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