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Call to Arms for the dreaded U052 Wrong Printhead Error


This is a "call to arms" for all of you Canon customers who have had this problem and have had their printers disabled because of it.  Please respond with the model of your printer and if you were able to fix it, what you did to fix it. 


We need to put pressure on Canon to respond this product defect.  It appears to be bad firmware that does not allow the user to override the problem and to continue to use the printer even in a degraded mode.  From my investigations the problem is NOT a printhead issue - no way one can be printing fine and then have this error alert without having changed the printhead or ink cartridges!


Canon, PLEASE take this issue seriously and provide a solution across the affected models.  If nothing else there should be a trade-in allowance for those printers that have been affected by this product defect.


I have had many Canon printers because they have superior functional specifications. I want to be able to continue using Canon products but only if I can have confidence that this product defect will not destroy my investment.


If Canon is unresponsive our next step should be to aggressively publisize this product defect on social media and on major product vendor outlet sites as negatives reviews.


Forum Users, please reply with your affected model number(s) and with details of any succdessful fix procedure.

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They are too big to give a rats posterior.  That is the problem with many of today's companies, I can name two dozen major companies as bad as Canon. 

Canon is big, powerful, and produce excellent products, true some fail, true they are not doing the best they can, But I am willing to stick my neck out  and state, and if you don't believe it then you will have to give it a try, and from practice I have never been disappointed, but if you don't try you will never know.  All you have to do is ask God for His help with this problem, all the better if you don't believe because then you are doing it in Faith and God wants you to have Faith in Him, even if you think you're not good enough, He will show you that you are good enough, He can make anyone good enough.  I will be keeping an eye here to see you get help.


God bless all with problems



@alexpinca wrote:

They are too big to give a rats posterior.  That is the problem with many of today's companies, I can name two dozen major companies as bad as Canon. 



Man, just got the error message, I was about to scan some photos of my brother who just past away on 8/7/15 and wham, got the error "U052" not able to use this piece of crap as a scanner, now what? Trash!

Google "Canon Lawsuit U052).  This site won't let me tell you more. 

Have owned the Pixma MG5320 for a couple years and WAS happy with it.  Worked fine one day, and of course the code U052 came up the next.  Nothing changed so went looking on the internet for a fix.  After trying every solution available and wasting hours of time I soon discovered it was all for not.  Found these pages and pages of people with the same problem.  Thank you all, by the way.  Saved me from considering getting a new print head.  That would have been more money down the drain.  This is very upsetting.  I just ordered packs of ink and I sure am NOT buying another Canon.  Not opened so maybe amazon will let me return them.  I'm sure they'd be delighted.  It's obvious Canon doesn't care about their (former) customers because I know I am one.  Consider me in.

Well if you follow what Canon hopes, buy another Canon Printer, preferably one that can only use expensive Canon Ink.  I went to a Brother MFC J-470, so far so good.   

We have also moved from Canon to Brother.  Brother printers tend to be a bit "clunky" in operation but they are reliable and don't come with the built-in self destruct features that Canon offers.  Anyone that thinks Canon will make good on this problem just needs to take the time to read the postings on this thread.  Sorry, Canon lovers.  It ain't gonna happen no matter who you pray to.

Always hate to see corporate ripoffs by companies we used to trust.

I have the same problem, I will continue to pray that Canon will do the right thing and help all who have this or similar problems, giving hope and trust so they can advance toward God and prosper in their business.


God bless All



My MP610 has served me faultlessly for 8+ years, now this error pops up out of nowhere with no actual fix? Something doesnt sound right.


I've tried everything Canon suggested! Error U052 is obviously a fault built in as it appeared randomly during the process of a print after nothing had been touched. Even detatched from the computer it made the same error. After everything was pulled apart by my print technitian brother who also mentioned to me that not one of these Canon printers that he encounted this error has ever been fixed.


Very disapointed! I had important documents to print off today and now i'm faced with having to buy a new printer...and it wont be a Canon.



I quite frankly don't understand how praying to any deity is going to affect a company that only worships the Dollar.  They are happy to trample on their long term customers chasing that goal.

Always hate to see corporate ripoffs by companies we used to trust.
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