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Call to Arms for the dreaded U052 Wrong Printhead Error


This is a "call to arms" for all of you Canon customers who have had this problem and have had their printers disabled because of it.  Please respond with the model of your printer and if you were able to fix it, what you did to fix it. 


We need to put pressure on Canon to respond this product defect.  It appears to be bad firmware that does not allow the user to override the problem and to continue to use the printer even in a degraded mode.  From my investigations the problem is NOT a printhead issue - no way one can be printing fine and then have this error alert without having changed the printhead or ink cartridges!


Canon, PLEASE take this issue seriously and provide a solution across the affected models.  If nothing else there should be a trade-in allowance for those printers that have been affected by this product defect.


I have had many Canon printers because they have superior functional specifications. I want to be able to continue using Canon products but only if I can have confidence that this product defect will not destroy my investment.


If Canon is unresponsive our next step should be to aggressively publisize this product defect on social media and on major product vendor outlet sites as negatives reviews.


Forum Users, please reply with your affected model number(s) and with details of any succdessful fix procedure.

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I'm not going to throw away my Canon camera either. Unless it too meets an untimely death like my Canon printer.


But next time I need a new camera (or anything else made by Canon) it certainly won't be a Canon.

Welcome to the club.  Smiley Wink

Always hate to see corporate ripoffs by companies we used to trust.

Still can't believe canon is not working on a fix for this. There are more than enough examples to prove that something is wrong.

One way that might bring more attention to this issue would be for folks in this string to print out a page or so of random postings from here. Make duplicates to carry with you, and whenever you are in a shop that sells canon printers or you hear people discussing printers hand out copies of what you have printed.  I have spoken with one of the salespeople in our local Staples and he was totally unaware of the issue.

Get the word out; this way may help!

Sharon A

I like your style Sharon.  Positive action at last!

Always hate to see corporate ripoffs by companies we used to trust.

I fixed this message on my Canon MP600 by following your instructions somewhat. The message U052 displayed after changing 2 colours cyan and magenta. I put the old cartridges back and got the same message. As per your instructions I removed all the print colours. I tried to lift the lever on the right but quit as I was afraid I might break it. I pressed down the lever and heard it click. Then I put all the colour cartridges back in (new colours not old ones). I was very happy to see that the message had gone away. If this happens again I might just try to press the lever on the right beside the colours and make sure it clicks into place. Thanks for your instructions Julius. Hbanush

I spoke too soon as the error message did come up again. I spent a lot of time messing with the lever tend print head trying to clear the error message.

I did manage to clear it again by shutting off my printer. When I turned it on again I held the star Black button down At the same time. The printer is not showing the message after many days. Since I rarely use my printer, I don't know if the error message will come back when I use it again.

No it did not work.

Time to buy an HP or Epson printer. Disappointing. 



HAHAHAHA You knew this wouldn't work!