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Buyer Beware!


I wanted to give this PSA so that others won't have to experience what I went through.

I recently bought a PIXMA G7020 printer, but apparently, this printer was out of stock, so a PIXMA G4210 printer was substituted (without my knowledge or consent.)

I noticed the different model numbers, but since the printers were similar, I thought that the G4210 was a different model of the same printer. NOT!

Although the G4210 is similar, I discovered later that it is cheaper and has fewer features, and I paid the G7020 price, and it lasted for just over one month.

After trying to apply my Asurion warranty, I was told that the manufacturer's warranty was still available and to use that.
Unfortunately, again, I discovered that my printer is CANADIAN, so I couldn't register the printer! That means I couldn't get it repaired.

So to recap, I've got the WRONG printer, I can't print, and I can't get the printer returned or repaired--even though I've got TWO warranties!!!
Nice, huh?

I'd advise anyone thinking about buying a CANON printer to think about this saga!!!



Thanks for sharing your experience, robertd903!  If you're in the United States, you can always check our web site for a list of official Canon authorized dealers in your area and online.  Hope that helps!



You probably won't find the PIXMA G4210 there as it's no longer available through Canon USA.  It came out in 2018 and has been out of production for some time.  We do still have a support page for it here.

If you still want the printer you were originally hoping to buy, you can get the PIXMA G7020 directly from Canon USA right here.


Buy ANOTHER Canon printer?  Are you kidding?  After all of this?

I'm done, first with HP and now with Canon!

Thanks for all of your help.


Can you clear up the following for us please.  Where did you purchase your product from?

I'm not getting the feeling it was from Canon or a Canon authorized dealer?  Please use this link, its valid as of 6-15-2023 > List of authorized Canon Dealers.

If you did not purchase your Canon product directly from Canon or an authorized dealer, its possible you were sold a grey market, garage refurbished or counterfeit product.  I would advise against making these types of purchases in the future.  It appears you have been scammed.  

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