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PIXMA TR4527 error code 7800



When I turn on my Pixma 4527 I get an error telling me to turn off the printer, unplug it, and contact a service center. Error code 7800.

-Removing and reseating the ink cartridges did not solve the problem. Actually the print cartridges won't slide over when I open the cover. I unplugged and slid them over manually, removed them and turned on the printer. Then the error was telling me to put the cartridges in. I did that, and the device did slide the ink cartridges back over once I had seated them, but then error code 7800 came back on.

-Turning off/unplugging and turning back on did not change anything.

-I purchased this on Amazon via a company based in NY, USA. I am based in the USA. However, apparently model 4527 is intended for sale in Canada. This is not something you would research when purchasing a printer. As a result though, I am not able to register the product on MyCanon. If you do not register the product, you are not able to contact Canon technical support. MyCanon simply tells you that you have no registered products and won't help you further. 


Is there anything I can do other than putting this into the trash?