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Bands across printed images


My Pixma MX882 recently started printing with horizontal bands across any colored images (it worked perfectly until a few days ago). I ran nozzle cleaning, deep nozzle cleaning, and manual nozzle alignment, but nothing helped. I searched on this forum and found this post from 2015:


His description and nozzle check pattern are exactly like mine with half of the top cyan strip being dark and half light, and the BK having thin dark strips at the top and bottom. His problem was marked as "solved", but the answer at the bottom of the page says "FYI Canon says just to replace the printer. It's hardware related."


So is the only solution for this problem still to throw my printer in the trash, or is there anything else that can be done?



As more evidence. I created my own test image, which looked like this:


Original Image:

Printer Test

When i printed it on my Pixma MX882, it came out like this:


Printed Image:


Printer Test Result.jpg

Hello Buckandi,


The issue looks like the nozzles in the print head are clogged or damaged. In that situation, you can try up to 3 deep cleanings using the steps HERE to see if the nozzles unclog and the nozzle check print appears without streaks. If you have the same issue, it would mean that the print head is damaged. You can check with our parts department to see if they still have any print heads for that model in stock. You can reach the parts team at 1-866-481-2569. Replacing the print head should resolve the issue, but I can't guarantee that it will work since there is a small chance that there is something wrong with the carriage that the print head sits in.


Outside of the 1 year warranty, you can contact our sales department at 1-800-385-2155 to use our Upgrade Program. The Upgrade program will give you a discount and free shipping on a replacement printer.