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Auto retract output tray TS8220

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Hello all. Couldn't find the anwser anywhere online, so:  I've set this option up in the printer, but I'm not clear on how it works. Once the print job has completed, the tray stays extended (as I would expect), but when would it automatically retract? I ask because the printer is in a drawer in my desk that cannot be closed when the tray is extended. It would be handy to have it out of the way if not needed until the next job.Thanks for any info you all can lend on this question.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jhansman,


You can set the printer to have the paper output tray close when you power off the printer .When ON is selected, the confirmation screen asking if you retract the paper output tray automatically appears after pressing the ON button to turn off the printer.


If you don't want to turn the printer off and manually turn it back on, you can just gently push the paper output tray back in the printer and close the operation panel. When you want to print again, make sure the operation panel is open and press print or copy. The output tray will automatically come back out for you.


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If you click HERE, it will take you to the support page of the printer. On that page a chat box will appear. In that chat box, ask to speak to a live person and you will be connected to a chat agent.

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It's fixed.