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Airprint default options on ts 8220


When using airprint to print to the 8220 from ios (ipad or iphone), the aiprint driver defaults to "photo print" paper.  Is there anyway to change this default behavior?


Defaulting to photo printing is very annoying.  Almost all documents I would print from an IOS device are on plain paper.  Furthermore, photo paper can only be printed using the rear tray, which by default I keep empty.  Having to always remember to change this option is not intuitive to family members.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi AlexPermit,

The media type and paper size will vary depending on the app. Please click HERE for details to print using AirPrint. For greater control over the print settings, I recommend downloading the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app. Please click HERE for steps to print a document or a photo using the Canon PRINT app.

You say the media type will depend on the app.  Can you please name me one app where plain paper is the default?  On all the apps I have tried, which include safari, chrome, and ibooks, the default media selected is photo paper.


No matter which app I choose in airprint, the printer defaults to photo paper, which means of course it selects the back tray as the paper spurce. Apps include safari, chrome and ibooks, apps not typically printed using photo paper.  I am able to set it to print on plain paper in airport, by going to options, paper, then selecting plain paper.  I have to do this every time I print.   I have not seen this behavior in other printer brands.



Hi AlexPermit,


If you are using a document application the paper size should default to letter. Please click HERE for more information about your TS8220 and AirPrint.


If you download the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy app, you will have more control of paper size and type when printing photos and documents.


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Thank you for your reply. 


You say "If you are using a document application the paper size should default to letter ".   That would make sense.  However, every application I have tried, including safari, chrome, and iBooks, has defaulted to photo printing.


Can you please give me the name of a "documentation application".  One that has been tested by Canon and verified that it works, meaning that it defaults to plain paper letter?



Hi AlexPermit,


Troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issues. Please contact our support group at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).


We look forward to hearing from you.