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t8i images not loading in lightroom


My new T8i images won't show up in lightroom. It's as if they aren't there. It looks like they are uploading in a cr3 raw format. I tried downloading a DNG converter but it doesnt recognize them either. I downloaded canons digital photo professional. They do show up there. But I can't figure out how to convert them for lightroom. I'd rather use lightroom if possible. What am I doing wrong?



I’m sorry.  But.  You need to download the Adobe Lightroom manual and read it.  We cannot tutor you on how to use Adobe Lightroom in the Canon forums.  Images are imported into Lightroom.

To use the Canon DPP4 application you must first save copies of the images on your local hard drive.  You cannot open and edit files that are on the memory card inside of the camera.  The camera blocks all outside access to the image files inside the camera.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I know how to use lightroom. I just upgraded from T3i. It's like the T8i is somehow different format. When I go to upload the photos, it's as if not there. If this is a lightroom issue, I'll contact lightroom.

Raw file formats for each camera need to be individually supported. YOu might need a new version of LightRoom.


Which specific version of Lightroom do you have?  As kvbarkley points out, you may need to upgrade.

ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) will always be updated if you have a version of Lightroom from Creative Cloud.  I personally use Lightroom Classic (version 12.4 with Camera RAW 15.4).


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I use Lightroom classic 5. I’ve had it for several years. It’s my “go to” like ol faithful… the new stuff is all subscription based. I mainly take pictures of my farm animals and gardens. Hard to justify a subscription. I had no idea when I bought the new camera. 



I did a basic Google search, "Can Lightroom read CR3 files?"

I got a lot of hits.

Basically it comes down to upgrading to the latest version of Lightroom that you can. Earrlier versions of LR did not read CR3 files, nor could you convert them to a DNG file.

Steve Thomas 


Thank you! I just got off the live chat with Lightroom. They sent me a dng converter. It worked!!!! Phew!!! Thank you Lord! 

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