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sx70 Download pics to computer NOT working!


I have a canon sx70 and am desperately trying to find a program that will download pics and vids to my PC and put them in their date taken folders. I have image transfer utility 2 which is totally useless because it wont work. I deleted it and redownloaded it and still it wont pair with my camera. So that program wont work. I also have Digital photo professional and all it does is edit NOT download pics and vids!!!



You don't need ANY program at all!  You have two choices:

1. Take the SD card out of camera, put it in an SD card reader (or SD card slot on a computer so equipped) and plug it into your computer.

2. Connect camera to computer with a USB A-to-micro B cable.

Either way, the camera will mount in Windows File Manager or on Mac desktop as a drive. Open the drive, open the DCIM folder, and you will see your photos in subfolders. Move the folders to your computer wherever you want to put them.

That wont work for what I need. I am really tired of people telling me to use a card reader. It does NOT do what I need done. I NEED a program that will download my hundreds of pics and vids to their date taken folder. Copy and paste then make a bunch of folders with the dates on them is a heck of a lot of work that I cant afford to do. image browser used to do exactly that and I want a program that will do that again. I wish they didnt stop that program!


Adobe Bridge *might* do what you want.

One problem you have is that the paradigm has shifted. Now you let the DAM do all the work, there is no need to do a lot of organizing yourself.

Photos for the Mac is perfectly capable of keeping track of your media and presenting it in any way you desire: By Date, person or location. You can assign keywords and captions, but it is not necessary. Photos can even do things like find all the pictures of dogs, just by looking through your images!


Do you have Windows or Mac? What computer do you have? I have a Lenovo laptop with W11 and have no trouble downloading photos by inserting the card into the card slot. You shouldn't need a program as computer should already have that in it. BTW, I used a cord and a reader but found it wasn't necessary when I discovered the card slot.

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Downloading isn't the problem, TIntype-18. She has a very specific folder structure she wants to fill.


This isn't rocket science, and software that does all your work for you can be confusing in itself. Numerous people have asked about this same subject. If Mrs. Claus has Windows (or Mac even), she can download all her photos to one folder and view/arrange them in date order. Then she can create folders for whatever date periods she wants and drag files to the appropriate date folder. It's all about making use of your computer's file manager function.

ITs not rocket science to understand what I need. I take hundreds of photos and vids and sometimes not able to download them to my pc for a few days. So for me to JUST use the card reader adds so very much more time to the process that I cant afford. I used to have a program that would download my pics and vids and automatically put them into their date taken folders so all I had to do was the editing which takes a tone of time as it is. By just using a card reader adds many many more hours to al already long time. I have windows 11 btw.

I understand what you say you need. You keep saying the same thing.

What/where are these "date folders" that you want a program to automatically sort your images to? 

The issue isn't whether you download from the camera or from the memory card directly. How would a program know automatically what date folder you want  files moved to?

You are expecting something that quite likely does not exist.

It DOES exist and I have one that works with my SX510. It is called Camera Utilities Camerawindow DC. THAT is what I am looking for for this SX70. It has a button that you click on that asks if you want to sort the pics on the camera or download untransferred from the camera. I click on that button and it automatically downloads all of untransferred pics and vids to the pictures folder and puts them automatically into folders with their date taken.