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ImageBrowser EX is not finding some Tags. I have tagged about 20 pictures with my fist name, and last name. These were separate tags. It finds my pictures if I search for my last name, but not with my first name (Larry). I tested other tags and some work and some don't. L, La, Lar, Larr, Larry all do not work. But Larryo, LMO, Lry works okay. Any ideas? (I just verified that I have the latest ImageBrowser). Using Windows 8.1


Update: Actually, searching for "Larry" is finding all pictures. It looks like it is making a match from the contents of the filename. (C:\Users\Larry\Pictures\..........).





Hi Larry1957!


Thanks for the post.


I just took a group of images in ImageBrowser EX on my own computer and added a series of tags to them and when I search for any of those tags, it comes up with the correct images.  I can even type in two consecutive letters only and if they are in the tag, it sorts them out as it should.  Have you tried adding your first name and last name as separate individual tags?


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Yes, I tried that. I have my first and last name as separate tags. I also added a tag of just my initials. If I search with only my initials, I get the pictures I want. If I search with my first name, all pictures are returned. If I search by my first and last name, all pictures are also returned.


It appears that having my first name as part of the path name and as a tag, all pictures will be returned instead of the correct subset.


The search window (near the upper right) appears to be looking at the path and filename in addition to the tags. I did a search of another name that I have not tagged but is part of the filename and it found those pictures.


I can see where each of these cases could be desirable.



Hello Larry1957,

I'm sorry to see that you're still having difficulty with the image tags.  You might want to uninstall the software using the Control Panel on your computer.  Then reinstall from the disk straight to your computer.  Since we were unable to duplicate the issue, I think uninstalling is our best bet and then a fresh reinstall.  You can download the software from Canon if you don't have the disk [Click Here].  The Image Browser EX download from 7/29/2014 is the one you want.

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