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Trying to pull images from my old Canon 5d mark ii with a 64GB card using macOS Big Sur


Hey all,


So I documented some artwork (using the gear in the subject) and the first time through my card reader found the work with no problem. The second time through my macbook (late 2013 15") won't see the card, so I tried connecting my camera to my laptop directly with the card in the camera. I installed every possible EOS utility (version 2, 3, etc.) and when I follow the instructions it'll open EOS utility 2, but won't give me the option to download anything. I also updated the firmware on the camera to see if that helps, but nada. I don't have access to the artwork anymore and the images are showing up in the camera LCD preview, but just won't download anywhere.


I'm open to any ideas/suggestions/anything. Kinda flummoxed and hoping these images aren't just confined to the card forever.



Update: Nevermind! For whatever reason, the Photos app in macOS was preempting anything else from reading the card first. I stumbled upon it out of sheer luck. No idea how or why it happened that way. But then it took an extra half hour to figure out how to even find the image files in the Finder. Ended up airdropping them to my phone and then back to my laptop. What a pain.

Launch Image Capture and then plug in your camera. It will give you the option as to what should open when the camera is plugged in.