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Re: Problems with Camera Connect App


Hello everyone. I just purchased a new Canon EOS M50 kit and am pleased with it. I installed the Camera Connect app from the Google Play store to my Samsung Note 10+ smartphone and am having the most frustrating time. I have spent over 4 hours of my life for the past couple days trying to pair the camera and phone together with limited to no success.


At one point, I was able to get the app to work for doing remote control function (eg: focusing/shooting images) but NOT doing live feed shooting. I tinkered more with the app and was then able to get it to do live feed shooting, but mysteriously lost the remote shooting function that previously worked. After tinkering more, I now have *NO* functionality whatsoever, NOTHING works despite doing repeated clearing/resetting of wireless settings on ther camera and removing/reinstalling the app on the phone plus restarts too. I'm getting headaches from this app. Is there an easier solution??


What I really want for this app to do is to pair to my phone via Bluetooth so I can do remote access shooting, and even live screen shooting via Bluetooth. I do NOT want to use wifi since I will be shooting outdoors with no access to wifi. Is this possible?



4 hours? HA! I have been fighting with this for 4 YEARS. This app is the worst piece of software that was ever created. I can get it to work well for sometimes up to several days, and then GOOD BYE. It's gone for yet another extended period of time.


One would think that it came from a 13 year old, working out of his parents' kitchen. That Canon has allowed this to persist for so long makes me want to go back to Nikon. Take my advice: forget it. It just does not work consistently at all. But I suspect that you will persist. Well, get a life and move on.


The biggest disgrace is that you will not get any help from (apparently) the minimum wage nitwits at Canon. 


"I do NOT want to use wifi since I will be shooting outdoors with no access to wifi. Is this possible?"



The wifi is created by the camera, so your phone is able to remote shoot and focus. hope that helps one of your issues dont know about the live feed.

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