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PowerShot G3 X can't save files to computer - Software needed for macOS Sonoma


Hi all,

I'm trying to save the files I have on my G3X to a computer using a USB cable, but I'm unable to do it. The manual says you need to install the software first, obviously. However, when I go to PowerShot Support and select my operating system and version (macOS Sonoma v14), it tells me that there are no results for the OS version I selected. How do I get the software then? Because the computer isn't detecting the camera. 

I have previously transferred files via WiFi, with no issue; but these are sensitive files which I'm not allowed to transfer using WiFi for security reasons. 

Thanks so much 


If all else fails, you might need a card reader.


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Select an older version of MacOs.

However, you don't need any software for the Mac. Plug the camera in with a known good USB cable, turn Wifi Off and run Image Capture. You can then set up Image Capture to automagically run when you plug the camera in.

Image Capture isn't detecting the camera. If I turn it on, it appears to be frozen — it doesn't allow me to play the video that's showing, or to go to the next one. The cable is plugged in correctly, but I'm wondering if that's the problem. I just don't have another cable of that kind at hand right now, but I guess I should get another 🤔

Did you turn Wifi off?

My WiFi settings are NFC Off, Password Off, Target History Off... is that what you mean?

That should do it. And once you plug the camera in, the computer will control everything, The camera should appear "Frozen"

If all else fails, you might need a card reader.


I ended up getting a memory card reader, as it wouldn't let me do it another way. Thanks so much!