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Possible to launch Digital Photo Pro directly into RAW editor?


Hi, I'm running Digital Photo Professional 4.15.20 on Win10 and I shoot in RAW with my 60D.  Is there a way to launch directly into the RAW editor from Windows Explorer, rather than getting the DPP explorer first? Previous versions of DPP allowed this - double clicking on a .CR2 file launched the editor rather than explorer.  Maybe including Windows in my photo workflow is stone age, but I have a specific reason to not launch the DPP explorer at the moment.

I accidentally deleted some photos and used a hard drive restoration tool.  Some of the restored files crash the DPP explorer - maybe due to loading thumbnails of corrupt files.  With DPP explorer crashing, I can't evaluate which files are good or bad.  Viewing through the editor would take them individually - good files could be checked without other files causing a crash.  Any setting in DPP I should use? Or is there an editor .EXE I can point Windows to?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings, theta-seven

Digital Photo Professional 4 (DPP) does have an EXE file within its installation folder on Windows 10 but it would open the general application instead of the photo editor function of DPP. Unfortunately, there isn't an option to have a file within File Explorer open directly into the RAW photo editor portion of the software.

In the meantime, I can submit your feedback to our software engineers for consideration and may be incorporated in future updates. Please note that decisions to incorporate software features are made by our software engineers based on a number of factors. Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback are all taken in to consideration.


Explain please as I don't see any real benefit from doing that? They perform the same functions.

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Hi EB.  The benefit in my particular case is avoiding crashes.  If there's one corrupt file in a folder, the DPP Explorer will eventually load its thumbnail and crash.  Viewing .CR2 files individually avoids bringing down the whole program and identifies the problematic file.  The general benefit is getting to use Windows Explorer, but that's a dubious benefit for anyone with a non-Windows workflow.

My workaround in the meantime is to move batches of suspected corrupt files to a different folder so the explorer won't try to load them, and then sort back and forth, but still with sporadic crashes.