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No Google Drive preview for Canon CR3 files


When I upload CR3 photo files in Google Drive the preview option is not available. This was not a problem before. I have done the suggested options by Google help concerning allowing all Cookies and google account reboot. Anyone else know a solution?


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Do the .CR3 files open ok from your computer hard drive?

Bob I am able to select a file and open manually. The preview process for each photo after uploaded to Google drive is not there. It tells me to add a 3rd party application for viewing. 

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I don't use Google Drive, so I don't have firsthand knowledge of what is going on. Is Google Drive trying to open the file online to show a pre-view of the photo or does it expect your computer to open the file after downloading it onto your computer? In other words, what program or app is trying to open the file? Maybe someone familiar with viewing photo files using Google Drive can shed some light. The problem seems to be that whatever program is providing the preview, doesn't support .CR3 files, and needs to be updated. Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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