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ImageBrowser EX Still will not load on my machine


I used ZoomBrowser with no problem.  It did what I wanted it to do.  It helped me to organize my photos before I would manage them using Picasa.  Then all of a sudden a number of months ago, Canon decides that it wants to eliminate ZoomBrowser and migrate everyone over to something calle ImageBrowser.  Since its first implementation, I've never been able to get the program to load on my computer.  I've gone through the forums and tried everything they've asked of me and still, whenever I launch the program, I run into the same problem.  The splash screen loads and it cycles from 0-80% rather quickly but then hangs only to error out (if I leave it alone for 2 or so minutes).  Has anyone found a fix for this problem?  If so, I would appreciate sharing the knowledge as I'm extremely frustrated at this point.  All I want to do is organize my photos, this isn't rocket science.


Here's my relevant machine info:


Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

AMD FX 8320 processor

12 GBs RAM


Please help!



Hello pbandy34,

Canon still maintains a full version of ZoomBrowser v6.6.0b [full application] on our web site.  Click here to download that version and install.  Once you have it installed, go back to the same page linked above and grab the ZoomBrowser 6.9.0a Updater and that will take you to the latest version.  

 We hope that you have a wonderful day.  If you require further or urgent technical assistance, feel free to get in touch with an agent at our Chesapeake, VA call center through the Canon USA web site.

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