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Image browser EX


Hi to everybdy


Until yesterday morning i was happily working my 5D mk2 with Zoom Browser EX  when i finally got the 7D mk2 Camera and installed the new software.

During install the software fails to install Image browser EX,   (i have installed also Silverlight) but with no result


now neither Zoom Browser nor Image Browser are allowing me to download files from CF/SD 

Zoom browser shows me the screen but gives me an error message if i try to access the card reader...


(presently i have 3x 64 GB memoryunits + 4 x 16 GB units and it is rather Boring and time consuming to have to download all the images manually.  

Eos utility is working correctly  but i rather prefer to  keep the camera using rather than to connect same every time to the PC


can anyone help me around this bug?


thank you




You should always uninstall old software before you install new software.   I would uninstall everything and reinstall the new DVD.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

oh i certainly did, but it didn't work

finally i solved by installing the software on my laptop which runs the same software and it worked. So I copied the installed folder to my desktop and now it runs as expected.


Maybe there is some weird .dll which prevented the  smooth installation of the image browser.


Thanks so much for the reply Smiley Very Happy

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