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Firmware DL issues on library computer


Hi so I'm trying to dl the firmware  update for my camera on a library computer, because I don't my other two sources OS aren't compatible supposedly.  The DL section "software and drivers" wont open up when I click on it. The computer is running Windows 10, so it should work. Is this problem because of the particular computer I am using?



I think people get way too nervous about the OS their computer is running -- and Canon, with the wording on their downloads pages, aren't really helping.

First, remember that the firmware you're downloading runs on your camera, not your computer.  The computer is only used to get the firmware file -- usually called "something.FIR" -- and copy it to a memory card.  The computer neither knows nor cares what's in that file, it's just a file.

The "something.FIR" file comes packaged either in a ZIP file, or a DMG file.  You can get either one, it's your choice.  But the ZIP file can generally be unpacked on Windows machines -- any Windows machine -- whereas the DMG file can be unpacked on Macs -- again, basically any Mac.

Either way, you get the package -- the DMG or the ZIP -- unpack it on your computer, and copy the "something.FIR" file to your memory card.  The computer doesn't interact with the .FIR file at all, so comptibility isn't an issue.  The specific version of Windows or MacOS you're using really shouldn't matter at all. Yes, I know some of the Canon web sites have drop-down menus listing many exact versions of each OS.  I believe that this is for software which actually runs on you computer, like Digital Photo Professional. For firmware, it's irrelevant (or at least should be).

So if you have essentially any Windows or Mac computer at home, try this there.  If it doesn't work, tell us EXACTLY what goes wrong -- like exact error messages, exactly what software they come from, etc.  Oh, and it would help to tell us what camera you have.


Before you do any FW upgrading read what the FW upgrades. It may be something that does not effect you or how you use the camera. If it isn't something that you actually need you do not need to do it.

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There are a few different ways to update the firmware and not all need a Mac or Windows PC.

  1. You can download the windows firmware on a Linux machine as the downloads are just compressed with .ZIP so easy to extract the firmware file inside the zip you download.
  2. If you have an Android or iOS phone/tablet and it is compatible with your camera, then you can update the firmware using the Canon Camera Connect app. The app connects to Canon and gets the firmware then transfers it to the card in the camera to do the update.

There are some limitations... only recent R-series cameras can do firmware updates with the app. Last time I checked this means EOS R5/R6 or later R-series models.

I checked the downloads for Windows on the Canon Europe website where they are saved as .ZIP files, and also the same on Canon USA for the EOS R5 I just tried. In the past they were sometimes saved as windows executable files which wouldn't work on Linux.


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Thanks, as I just reported to someone else, it doesn't appear to be the anymore. Short answer

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