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Err12 "connection target not found" Eos r6 for Eos Webcam Utility


I was able to get it to connect once and stream some super laggy images into one of the scenes of the app.

Now I've been able to get it to connect, and then it just disconnects everytime within 30 seconds.

I'm on a Macbook air os 12.5.1, with the latest firmware on the camera.

I'm paying $5/mo for something I can't even use on an expensive camera that doesn't seem to work for what I found it for.

I've spent over 2 hours trying to get this to work... seemingly besides some user making a youtube video about wifi connections for an r5 and it being flakey I've not been able to find anything.  Don't you people even do any QA on this stuff before you ship?  terrible user experience i'm starting to have major regrets buying this brand.

I also have this issue on a new eos r6; i'm not able to use Eos utility 3 with wifi either, neither the webcam utility... i've wasted many hours trying to get it to connect, resetting/clearing the wifi, restarting my laptop, restarting the camera; nothing works


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi dompr,

I'm sorry to hear your EOS R6 is not connecting to the EOS Webcam Utility or EOS Utility 3 through wifi. Our cameras show Err12 when they are unable to detect the device you are connecting to. When you are setting up the connection are you connecting the camera to your local wifi network, or are you connecting the computer to the camera's wifi? Also when you try to establish the connection on the computer is the computer itself showing any error messages?

One general thing to double check is that if you are using a VPN make sure to disable that when you are connecting the camera. If there is an active VPN the camera is not able to establish a connection with the computer.

One other thing to try would be to try connecting a USB cable from the camera to the computer. Both the EOS Utility and EOS Webcam Utility are able to communicate with the camera through that type of connection. If the USB connection is also failing are any error messages popping up on the camera or computer?

i'm trying to connect through the local wifi network, and no we don't use a vpn. i haven't tried the usb cable yet. 

anyway i cancelled the subscription for now. 

you all should really up the QA and testing on this.  i've got all sorts of appliances in my home that use the wifi from irobot to phillips hue to blink cameras to printers.  all of these device manufactures have somehow managed to make it super easy and simple to connect to the wifi network and communicate with their devices... it's frankly shocking that a company as big as Canon would release a product that just outright fails.

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