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Eos Utility does not launch Eos Utility 3


Eos Utility (euw3.12.10-installer)
Does Not launch Eos Utility 3
when i connect my 6D or 80D windows is reporting the connection .
But Eos Utility does not respond in any way.

W10 V1909
Troubles startet after the w10 update or EU update, I can't tell.


I don't have AVG so don't bother mentioning.


People with home brewed machines always have quirky issues.  Most of the time it is related to USB port hardware and drivers, most especially those who are running AMD chipsets.


Canon does not recommend USB port expanders, and discourages their use.  Are there any USB ports, perhaps on the rear, that connect directly to the motherboard?  Did you try one of those?  A recent user found that to be a solution.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

The camera responce does not change when i use a rear panel USB port.

The Machine has been working flawlessly with canon software  upto a month ago.
It is 100% sure not the machine.

If you ask me the service canon wrote is outdated by the W10 1909 updates.
Microsoft is a very unreliable partner. Rejecting working drivers or services just to piss us off is unforgivable.
This is not the first package wich collapses under the wild reckless update strategy of W10
Maybe the MOBO needs a software update or maybe i shouldn't have updated the MOBO at all.

The Dell Laptop i use is the same unreliable house of cards as my home brew PC.
on any given day software may stop working because MS decides to stop accepting the drivers.
It happens on a regular base because my job havely leans on USB tools. 

I do understand Canon does not like USB expanders. It is a house of cards. Fitting Displayport into the USB-C protocol does have its risks towards the rest of the lot.


"it does not work the way you seem to think"

After 10 years of working with eos utility i can not conclude it does not work like it should?
Well how should it work then.

"I suspect that you need to start all over, or maybe call Canon Support."
Again?! How many times should i start over?

The eos ulility launchers launches at start up and starts with the wifi paring window.
Thats new, thats faulty.

Again USB is working. W10 is recognising both camaras and EOS utility 3 is working when manually started.
The cameras i use do have Wifi.  But i don't use it.
What setting in windows/canon software should inform the utility software to start paring over wifi and ignore USB.