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EOS utility does not recognize my EOS R


After a mother board upgrade, EOS utility no longer recognizes my EOS R camera when connected via USB cable to download images. Interesting, it still recognizes my 5D Mk IV and 6D Mk II and they work fine. I have updated both the EOS utility and the EOS R firmware and it did not solve the issue. Windows 10 sees the camera when I plug it in, it even "dings", but EOS utility does not come on. It also does not work even if I manually load the EOS utility before or after plugging in the camera.   Ideas?



I assume that you have upgraded a home brewed PC.  The Canon apps work best with Intel chipsets.  I have seen lots of complaints about apps not working, and AMD chipsets is all too often what the PC is built around.  Try different USB ports, or a powered USB port expander.  I assume that your USB cable is good to go.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

All good thoughts. Yep, Intel chipset, basically went from a 4 core to 8 core I7. I have tried using the three different USB ports - "A" 2.0, "A" 3.2 gen 1, and "C" ports with different cables- no success.  FYI, the Windows correctly recognizes the camera as an EOS R but the EOS software does not want to talk to it.


I'm having the same problem.  My R6 connects fine, but the R isn't recognized. 

When I go to the Device Manager, then go to Portable Devices, I can see that the R6 connects as "Canon EOS R6", whereas the R registers as "MTP USB Device".  I think that may be the source of my issue.  I don't know how to get the R to be recognized as a Canon camera, like my R6.  

FYI, my computer does see my EOS R as "Canon EOS R" but the EOS utility still does not see it.  There is some kind of bug in the EOS Utility software that is preventing it to correctly recognize the R.


I have the same problem. And what I see is : no solution...


Do you only want EOS Utility for getting your photos onto the computer?

You don't need EU or any other program to do that. Just go to Windows File Explorer, open the camera "drive" that appears there, and move/copy the files to wherever you want in Windows.


If Windows recognized the camear but the EOS Utility does not automatically launch after a fresh install, then try launching the EOS Utility manually.  

Also, if Windows prompts you with a dialog box asking you what should it do when it detects your camera, then select “Take No Action”.  

"The right mouse button is your friend."


I had the same issue with Eos Utility (euw3.17.0.5) since my last pc upgrade

The EOS R will not be recognised by the software, a later model EOS R6 however is picked up with no issues

I did some tests and found that a USB C to USB C cable was the issue.

The EOS R will be recognised if I use a USB C to USB (3.1 in my test). To be less technical, use a cable that plugs from the camera into the old school USB ports.

Is this the only workaround/solution?! I've been repeatedly disappointed by this camera, and too many small technical issues. Decided to invest in a mirrorless system rather than saving money on used gear for a small business and it's been one stumbling block after another. 


At least now I know it's not likely user error, but still a deep disappointment that I need to carry a specific usb-c cable for this camera and it will hog my only usb-a port (which I absolutely need for the photo printer).