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EOS utility 3 not copying all my pics


I was downloading my pics on my R5, I usually shoot 200+ raw images, when I noticed not all my images had been downloaded to Mac.  This happened several times and since I usually delete the images after download I was losing some of my favorite images. I finally gave up on the EOS 3 utility and have just started using Image Capture.  Anyone else experience this? I have been using the CF Express card on my R5 which I have reformatted to be sure, but problem persisted

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi vraptor567,

I'm sorry to hear you are losing shots. To fully trouble shoot this issue we would need to know what operating system is on your Mac computer. The current version of EOS Utility 3 is not available on some Mac operating systems so we would need to know the OS on your computer to narrow down if it is related to that.

In general one thing to double check is to make sure you have the newest version of EOS Utility 3 installed. Sometimes if it is an older version it can cause issues like this. That is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Software & Drivers button and the current version is EOS Utility 3.16.1 for macOS.

If the issue continues the next thing to check would be to try a different USB cable. Sometimes if the cable is malfunctioning it can cause transfer issues. If it happens with another cable then we would recommend loading a different card in the camera, take some test photos, and check to see if the same thing happens. Sometimes if the card is malfunctioning it can cause files to become corrupted and not import.

Thank you for the reply, my OS is Ventura 13.1, and EOS utility, which i know has some issues, i suspected the card so did a reformat, tried different cable, same problem. the files were not corrupt sonce i was able to download them with Image Capture. With as many images as i shoot its difficult to verify if they all download, so it could have been happening for a while. I did wonder if the different cards in my R5 could be the issue since i have both CF express and SD cards in camera.

again thanks for reply

R5, 6Dmkii, 5dmarkiv, and others

Thanks for your reply. 

At this point, it might help to try the SELECT IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD option on EOS Utility. If that works, but not the auto downloads, then that suggests the files aren't downloading because EOS Utility doesn't see them as new images. This can happen if the download gets interrupted, for example.

thanks, that is actually my work flow to select (all) to download

R5, 6Dmkii, 5dmarkiv, and others
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