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EOS Utility Problem




First time posting.


I am using the EOS Utility app for a live view on my computer to take photos of objects. The only problem is that when I'm in live view, the picture seems to change, even though I have my camera set to "manual." When I would change the shutterspeed, the pciture would get lighter or darker, but then revert right back. This doesn't happen when I'm on my camera, just my computer, so I have no idea what's happening. The IOS isn't on auto, but could it possibly be the Auto White Balance? I like the setting it makes the product look great, but I've tried changing it to custom on my computer and it won't let me set it.


Any help would be great, thanks.


Camera: EOS Rebel T3i

Computer: MacBook Pro Late 2011 13"

OS: Yosemite 10.10.5



Ignore it.  It has no effect on images.


The camera is simply adjusting itself to the exposure at the new shutterspeed.  Remember, with the EOS Utility you're looking at video over a USB cable, not an HDMI signal.

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