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EOS Utility 3 "Cannot Write to Selected Folder" error


Hello, I work for an electronics re-seller and have been stuck on an issue for a while now. We sell used and refurbished electronics via eBay and use the Canon EOS Utility 3 to take pictures and store them on the PC using the Remote Shooting function.


We have multiple users at different sites using this program, but one user in particular keeps getting the "Cannot Write to Selected Folder" error and cannot save the pictures in ANY folder within Windows (We are all using Windows 10 by the way). The user is a member of a domain, and when I login (as a Domain Admin) on that computer, I'm able to save pictures using Remote Shooting with no problem. My first thought was permissions, but other basic Domain users are able to save with no issues as well. 


Here is what I have tried to do so far:


Deleted and re-created the users profile in Windows on the desktop. This did the trick before with someone in one of our other facilites a while back. This worked for maybe a few days and then back to not being able to save.


- Reinstalled EOS Utility 3 NUMEROUS times and tried different versions, no luck. EOS Utility 2 does not support the camera they use (REBEL T6i)


- Ran SFC via CMD (which found and corrected errors) and DISM, which both did nothing for the user


- I read a forum (one of the VERY VERY few on this issue) that a faulty SD card could be a problem (since it saves to both the card and PC). Tried a fresh SD card and still did nothing.


- Tried using an external HDD and network drives as the destination folder. The external HDD did nothing, but EOS Utility would not let us enter a network drive as a destination


- Had the user use a different USB cable to connect to the PC. No changes



We recently deployed new Windows 10 machines to these photography users (previously using Windows 7), and so far this is the only user with this kind of issue. I had them hook the old PC back up so that they could continue to work while I troubleshooted this issue. Now the old PC, which worked fine for as long as I remember, is throwing the Cannot Save error too. I'm starting to think maybe it is the camera then? Can someone offer me any other suggestions on this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Camera used: REBEL T6i



- HP Elitedesk 800 G2 Mini Desktop

- CPU: Core i5-6500 @ 3.20GHz

- RAM: 8GB

- HDD: 512GB NVMe

- OS: Windows 10 Pro (fully up to date)

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