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Enhancement request for EOS Utility 3 (probably easy to add) - where should I post/send it?




I would like to suggest a simple enhancement request for EOS Utility 3.


-> On top of the keyboard shortcut to shoot using the <space> bar (cf. user guide page 37), add a new keyboard shortcut to triger an autofocus! Like by using <A> or whatever other most appropriate key (but not multiple keys).


Currently, we can already do it via the mouse, by hovering the shutter button, but we can't always use the mouse. In some contexts it's much more reliable or easy to do via a keyboard, and we can use this shortcut with devices like Stream Deck or in scenarios of multiple actions.


At last, my guess is also that it should be easy to add. The action of trigerring an autofocus already exists in the software and some keyboard shortcuts are also already made available, so adding one should be quite easy.



Now to explain why it would be very useful for some, here is how I would use it.

I own a 5DMark III. This camera can be used as a webcam either via EOS Webcam Utility or it's HDMI output and a Camlink. But in video mode, the camera is not able to stay on live autofocus. If you move or want to show an object, you need to manually trigger an autofocus to update the focus.


For this, impossible to do it via the physical shutter button. It's too far.

So without buying any additional hardware, we can only to it via EOS Utility. It works fine but we need to leave what we are doing, take the mouse, look at the screen, give the focus to EOS Utility and hover the shutter button. It's too long and not appropriate during a live stream or a video conference.


One solution is for example to use a device like Stream Deck and set a key to 1/ give the focus to EOS Utility and 2/ trigger an autofocus. A simple press on a Stream Deck key and voilà, the focus is updated while you can keep on talking, looking at the camera, show what you want to show to the camera and not stop everything to figure out where is EOS Utility, give it the focus, find the shutter button and hover it.


Now my questions:

- where should we post/send such enhancement request? How to reach the EOS Utility development team?

- where is EOS Utility developped? At Canon USA or at the Head Office in Japan?

- And how to maximise the chance that the message arrives to the EOS Utility product manager?


Thanks for your help!

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