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EOS 2000D & Pinnacle Studio 22



I need your help with a question regarding the EOS 2000D. I need to explain a little bit the context. 

I like to use the EOS2000D for capturing stop-motion movies and chose the Software Pinnacle Studio 22 to create those.

I had a quite good impression while using a webcam. Unfortunately the software does not show the live-image from the camera, so I could see the next image that will be taken. Instead it is just a black screen. For another stop-motion software as well as the canon utilities all works fine.

So I conclude that Pinnacle Studio 22 has a problem and I contacted the Corel Support. This already goes for a while and in the meantime I am not entirely sure, if I am chatting with a robot. I sent those guys already tons of infos and there answeres do not refer to any of this feedback.

With the next round I need you help. I can't answer the next question regarding the DV and/or HDV format. I have no idea.

I was hoping, somebody in this community knows the right answer.

Thanks already for your time.

Kind regards,



Please read:


 Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.

I understand that you have an issue with the program. It seems that the camera is not being recognized. Can you check on the manual of the camera? The camera may have two options for the format of the movie recorded, DV-format and HDV-format. You can not back play an HDV-recording while the setting is  DV-out and vice versa. 

The camera has an auto-select function who usually manages this without you even noticing it. But, the latest versions of Pinnacle does not recognize the camera while in AUTO-select, only when forced to play back in DV.





I'm not sure that the EOS digital cameras record in DV format. It seems to be a camcorder format.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Hi John,

that also was my impression when reading in the internet. The EOS handbook is not mentioning anything about DV or HDV.


Thank you very much for the feedback,