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Malware: Can PowerShot A1400 BIOS carry/ be reflashed by a rootkit/ virus/ malware


I have a Canon PowerShot A1400 Digital Camera (16MP).
My question is: Can this type of Camera have its software reflashed by a rootkit I suspect it has infected its SD Card (used to copy PDF files on it, and infected from a print shop)?
I need information - if possible - about this exact type of camera BIOS, so I can use it - Or not - again with a new SD card without worrying of infecting my new PC from it BIOS.



There are programs like CHKDSK. Why do you think you are "infected"?

It's a really long story to detail here.. but.. I just want to make sure.. if this type of firmware can get reflashed by an SD Memory card-resident malware when plugged into the camera, and turned it on.
For the infection issue, yes, I have a malware that deleted files, folders, a whole HDD and prevented any boot Live CD/DVD from booting, mostly because the BIOS got reflashed! Reading over two months now, I can say for sure: It's a rootkit malware.

Like I said, it's a whole big, side story to tell here..


I just need to make sure of one point for now: if this camera is now (possibly) to get its BIOS infected too with this same malware-ridden SD card, or its firmware can't be re-flashed and therefor safe to use, connect to PC, etc.

If there is a Canon firmware engineer or expert here on the forum, I really really need to contact ASAP.. it's been almost two months now not using this camera for that reason! Smiley Sad

We are only users. There is no bios per se, but as I said CHKDSK can replace the firmware in your camera. It is easy to look at the card and see if CHKDSK is there.

Well.. I currently can't plug this infected card into any PC to see its files. I can only view images and videos through the camera display.

Would you please detail on what do you mean by "CHKDSK"? Do you mean the one comes with Windows?

And how it can "replace" the firmware?

I also went to the support site and found no firmware available for this camera: here

Sorry, not CHKDSK, but CHDK "Canon Hack Development kit".


There is no reason not to look at the card on a PC. No "root kit" that can infect the camera can infect the PC.


Frankly, I really think you are clutching at straws.


No software or hardware infected (real or imaginged) is going to attack the BIOS on your powershot.


It might be possible for a memory card to infect another machine or system, if it was infected and moved, between systems, but the likelyhood of this is 1 in a million.  Formatting the card would wipe whatever was on the card.  It would have to be just the right conditions and under just the right circumstances.  Probability = 0 (zero).  There are not people out there writing code to disable or cripple youre A1400. 


Not even going to entertain this.  A virus or malware payload wouldn't target your camera, period.  Utter nonesense.

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