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I'm just wanting to tell all about something that may be old news to most of you, but, to someone like me, it's all new.  I'll tell it as a story.   

I got my Canon EOS 2000D in the autumn as an early Christmas gift.  I make jewellery and I need to keep up with the look of what is out there in the market so all of the jewellery's qualities show up the way I think I need them to look.  I've been using a nice little Nikon Coolpix L310 for several years now to decent success, but, it's really not great at video.  So I jumped up to my first-ever DSLR and I got it in a fantastic 2000D kit with great camera stuff that I'm not sure I'll ever use and everything !!  And I had to get an SD Card as well so Amazon bundled one in for me as recommended.  It's a Sandisk 32.  Then, I bought a Kindle book about this camera.  I loaded up my youtube folder for Canon with all kinds of stuff about DSLR works and Canon's 2000D.  I studied hard.  And I was getting really great pictures.  Products looked better the more I practiced.  I hooked to my IPad and my manual photography was magic.  Then it started ........ freezing.  Couldn't do anything... no shutter activation, screen black, no menu, but power is on.  Turn it off.  Nothing happens.  I take out the battery and replace with another fresh charged.  Boot up the camera, looks great, point and shoot, looks great, try to move through menus... freezes.  

Call Canon (Canada) and a bit of a journey through the support techs, but, good knowledgeable people there.  Got a great guy who tried to talk me through it all but freeze was the name of the game, sadly.  So I got a return to repair at Canon auth. and off it went.  I was told to send chassis, detached lens set, do not send batteries or memory cards.  Camera came back saying lens contacts were dirty and seizing.  Cleaned.  Camera works.  It comes back to me (2 weeks away), and I pop in my battery and sd card, set up the lights, get the new jewellery pieces all prepared, set up the ipad... I get a link, so great, go manual, and not only does the camera freeze but so did the ipad software.  

I set up for a refund to the Big A online, where I bought it, and I got the refund authorized.  Then I realized I had some very important pieces I need video of before I can lose this camera for..... how long?  Set it all up in the studio, lights, turntable, jewellery going around, set the camera on video first.  Turn it on.  Try to adjust the ...... freeze.  

I call back Canon support because I'm going to ask for a new camera now.... somehow..... I don't care I'm so damned mad and I'm gonna make the call centre pay!!  Got a nice guy who said he wanted to read the history.  Then I told him what had happened since it came back, and their techs had done nothing.  nothing.  nothing.  He asked me to hold a minute.  Came back, and he said, "I wanted to see if you had sent your sd card."  I replied, "No, I'd seen on the document that I shouldn't."  He asked where I had purchased the sd card and I told him.  He gave me an email stating that I should get a new sd card at someplace like Staples or Best Buy.  Keep the receipt.  See if the camera works.  Guaranteeing the price of the new sd card with a return auth.  The techs would not have known any of that if the sd card hadn't been sent with the camera.  No one's fault then.  But this guy on this call?  Brilliant and so ridiculously simple.  

I have a new LEXOR SD card.

With that card I've shot over 150 product photos and 90 minutes worth of product video in the past 24.  The camera is a dream for a first time DSLR user.  In my experience anyway.  When it's not loaded with a counterfeit card from ........a Big A online seller.



Your story is not a new one, instead its one many of of here have heard many times,  Glad a new card has taken care of your issue.  Only buy lenses and accessories from a authorized Canon Dealer or reputable reseller.  Buying from a "Big A" reseller is risky at best.  What you are buying may not be new, might be counterfeit and could put your equipment at risk.  Not to mention the loss of time or revenue from the entire ordeal.    


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