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Driver for EOS 30D for Mac 10.13 (High Sierra)?


I've navigated through the support site and it says there is a driver for this camera for this OS. But when I go to the page:


it says there are zero downloads for this device


Available Drivers.png


Does this driver exist? I'm travelling and I'd like to upload my pictures but all I have is my Mac and a USB cable. Finding a CF card reader will be difficult. 


I'm concerned that I'll lose all my pictures if my camera is stolen. 



It should just work.


You don't need any Canon software to download pictures. If you don't use photos, iPhoto, et al, you can just use ImageCapture and save them to a folder.

It doesn't "just work". I ended up buying a CF card reader (very difficult to find in the middle of Central America BTW). 


Response from Canon support via email: 


> Drivers are not required to connect your EOS 30D to your Mac. However, the versions of the software required to work with your EOS 30D are not compatible with OS 10.13.2. At this point, we recommend using a card reader to download the images directly from the card to a preferred folder on your Mac.

That is to use Canon Software, did you try ImageCapture?

Tried that just now. The camera does not show at all from that software. "No camera or scanner connected" 

Have you tried another cable?

Thank you so much! I was having the same problem , my mac is too young for the EOS 30d driver. Now Image Capture is working beautifullyl!!