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Digital Photo Professional 4 file access errors




I've used DPP4 for a while and up to version 4.9.20 it worked fine. However, when I upgraded to 4.12.70, I found that I was unable to delete any images without using admin rights, and unable to save changes to any images. It is patently untrue that I need admin rights as I have full access to the relevant directory. This is still the case with the latest version. I have added DPP to the list of apps in my antivirus program (Avast) that are allowed to write to protected folders (like "Pictures"), so that isn't it. Can anyone explain what's going on and how to fix it, please.


Thanks for the suggestion, but in fact I've now found what the problem is, and it's not (directly) related to either Canon or Windows.


My antivirus program (Avast) includes a ransomware shield, which only allows "trusted" programs to access folders such as "Pictures". I had suspected this from the start (it's caught me out with other software) and told it to accept DPP4.exe, but it turns out that DPP4 has many executable programs, and I needed to allow DPP4main.exe as well (and probably others - I've told it to allow all DPP proggrams). Obviously it trusted the earlier version of DPP4 but not the current one, for some reason. I know Windows Defender has a similar function, maybe other antivirus programs too, so this is a good thing to try for this sort of issue. Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem I was having with EOS Utility.

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I had to use admin rights to install it (and that was a pain because it wasn't enough to run the installer with admin rights, I actually had to log in as adminiatrator) - and the point is that it complains it can't access anything for write or delete, which wasn't the case before, whereas (from File Expolrer) I can happily edit or delete the files.


I'm not prepared to run any application with admin rights when they aren't necessary.

Your error messages are associated with how your computer is setup to run Windows, not the Canon app.  


Windows 10 has its own rules that both apps and users must follow.  I suggest that you contact Microsoft for assistance because your error messages are coming from the Windows 10 OS, not the Canon app.  



I suggest that you contact Microsoft.  If you want an app to access folders that are not part of a Windows "Library", then the app must be run with admin rights.  That's how it works.  There is no work around.  That's whole point of having Libraries.

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