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DPP4 RAW editing colors signifcantly differ when not viewing at 100%




I encounter the following problem with DPP


After editing a specific RAW file and processing it to JPEG, the JPEG image showed different colors compared to the DPP RAW editing window. Initially I thought that DPP4 shows different colors in general but after playing around I noticed that colors of RAW editing window and JPEG match when viewing the RAW file at 100%.

As soon as I zoom out e.g. fit to window or select 25% in DPP the display of the RAW images gets a warm color cast.

The problem seems to be less significant or invisible with unedited RAWs.


I cannot edit the colors at 100%, I need to see the complete image.

Presently if I edit colors to taste, the JPEG result will be much cooler that what I see on my DPP screen.


I'm using DPP4 for a couple of years meanwhile but I never experienced this problem until now.

So I don't know whether it is new to current DPP4 version or caused otherwise.


Does anybody else observe this effect?






Hi. I finally found someone who has the same problem as me. The difference in saturation and coolness of the edited JPEG files in visible when you have a l mostly a lot of green and yellows as it is showned in your picture. It's very annoying because we cannot judge the final result until we zoom at 100%. Thos force me to use, for xample Adobe Camera Raw instead.
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